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Wednesday, 30 December 2009

The Two Saras take Daily Mail apart on drugs and death penalty

The Daily Mail published a disgusting comment piece yesterday by Leo McKinstry accusing people who thought that Akmal Shaikh (the man executed by China yesterday morning for alleged heroin smuggling) should not have been executed of being "wailing liberals" and suggesting it was correct that he should have been executed, despite the many claims that he was mentally ill. (As is becoming standard policy on this blog I have not linked to the Mail piece - I am not giving them any more traffic directly from here).

I was going to try and find some time to have a crack at a fisk of McKinstry's piece today but I find that there is no need as the two Saras (Scarlett and Bedford) have already done a great job of this separately themselves.

Please read their thoughts here and here.


Anonymous said...

I thought this piece was absolutely awful and agreed with every word you wrote.

To let you know who I am.

Anonymous said...

I meant the Daily Mail piece was awful. Not yours!