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Wednesday, 30 December 2009

How did I do with my 2009 predictions?

Overall, not very well!

Here they are along with the verdict:

  1. Gordon Brown will not call a general election this year. I do not think he has the courage and he will run down the clock. Spot on with this one!
  2. Labour's poll ratings will nosedive again in the first half of the year as the recession really starts to bite. They will not recover. Also spot on with this.
  3. Peter Mandelson will be out of the cabinet again within the next 12 months. Wrong! If anything he has gone in the opposite direction and after saving Brown's skin in June is now more powerful than ever.
  4. Ireland will again vote "No" in the second referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. Wrongamundo!
  5. DD will be back in the shadow cabinet but not as Shadow Home Secretary. Wrong again. I think Cameron is missing a trick here though keeping him on the back benches and that he really should be Shadow Home Secretary again. Grayling has been a disaster.
  6. Lynne Featherstone will be promoted to a high profile role on the Lib Dem front-bench. This has not happened (yet). I still think it will though perhaps after the election now.
  7. Eddie Mair will become the new host of Question Time. There were rumours that Dimbo was going to step down this time last year but this aint happened yet.
  8. Jonathan Ross will leave the BBC. No sign of this happening any time soon. He seems to have survived the Andrew Sachs phone call scandal.
  9. The US will make great strides in shifting their economy to low carbon. Hard to judge but I do think they have done much better recently on this.
  10. Solid state hard drives will start to become standard in laptops by the end of the year. This has also not happened quite as I envisaged yet. I expect it will do in the next year or two though.

I will do my predictions for 2010 soon....

UPDATE 07/01/2010: Rather annoyingly, Jonathan Ross has just announced he is quitting the BBC just a week into the new year! So I was 7 days out with my prediction!

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Anonymous said...

Agree that DD should still be brought forward again, but what on earth possessed you to write that Lynne Featherstone would be elevated? She's really quite silly....