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Monday, 7 September 2009

"Gordon Brown resign" petition now in all time top 10

A notable milestone has just been passed by the "Please go" petition on the No 10 website. It has just gone into the top 10 for all petitions (both open and closed) on the site. I am sure Gordon Brown's staff will be aware of this.

Interest in the petition has waned since its heady first few weeks when the number of people signing it rocketed up. I wonder if a further wobble by the Labour party around its conference in early October could see renewed interest. If wavering Labour MPs who deep down know it is all over for Brown need their spines stiffening perhaps they should take a look at the 70,677 people who have signed it so far. We all know that a petition like this represents many more people than the ones who have signed it.

If you haven't added your name yet then you have until the 22nd October to do so. Go on. It's in a good cause.

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