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Saturday, 12 September 2009

This week I have been mostly reading... 5th - 11th September 2009

Saturday 5th September

The most important thing that Paul Walter will ever write.

Sunday 6th September

Peter Black AM debated about debating the BNP

Sara Bedford wrote about why "No Platforming" is no solution. I couldn't agree more.

Cicero's Songs thought that on Lockerbie, the wrong target is being shot at.

Monday 7th September

Christopher Lovell questioned how much you should actually talk about on your blog.

The Half-Blood Welshman counted the cost of voting. Includes a fascinating ancedote about Arthur Balfour I had not heard before.

Tuesday 8th September

Sara Bedford asked if The Daily Mail is guilty of a contempt of court.

Ali Goldsworthy on Freedom Central thought she had spotted an inconsistency in the Conservatives approach to two related issues.

Soho Politico thought it was time to give voters the power to sack the Prime Minister.

Wednesday 9th September

Garbo wrote on The Wardman Wire about Cameron the political mastermind but questioned whether it was right.

Caron wrote a beautiful piece about her grandmother who is no longer with us.

Mark Littlewood explained why he won't be following Gavin Webb over the top.

Thursday 10th September

Alison Wheeler debated the arguments about filesharing.

Anders Hanson considered blogging, the insatiable time-eating monster. I have no idea what you mean Anders....

Friday 11th September

Bracknell Blog had news of Tory plans for an open primary to replace Andrew MacKay in my local constituency. The bad news is I cannot go to it as I am on holiday!

Three bonuses this week (you lucky people). Roll up, roll up:

Marvel at Will Howells' lyrical genius regarding Tube passengers:

Gasp at how newly minted Minnesotan Senator Al Franken draws a map of the USA entirely from memory:

And finally gape at another brilliant song from Mr Howells, this time on Derren Brown's lottery "prediction":

This last one has been widely and deservedly linked to. Well done Will! You are teh new Tom Basdens mixed with John Hegleys.

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