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Wednesday, 23 September 2009

I am on 5 Live today as part of their Clegg speech coverage #LDConf

John Pienaar has very kindly invited me along with some other people to be a part of BBC Radio 5 Live's coverage of Nick Clegg's speech later today at the Bournemouth conference. We should be on from around 2:45pm until the speech and then again straight afterwards when John will get our reactions to what we have heard.

After some of the problems of the last few days, the disquiet over the "mansion tax" and the actions of the leadership seemingly trying to impose top-down policies it will be very interesting to see how Nick acquits himself. He needs a strong speech and to address these problems in my view.

Then afterwards John has also invited me to be his guest on his political review podcast round-up this week which will be recorded today and should be available to download soon after. I will provide a link when this is up.

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