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Saturday, 5 September 2009

This week I have been mostly reading... 29th August - 4th September 2009

Saturday 29th August

Andrew Reeves asked if Labour will ever learn in reference to their plans to cut housing benefit.

Sunday 30th August

Moments of Clarity asked if the housing benefit proposals fallout will be as bad as the 10p tax debacle.

Letters from a Tory was not happy about Michael Martin's peerage and he thinks it is symptomatic of a wider decision by politicians to shun parliamentary reform.

Monday 31st August

Peter Black AM discussed the rise of the career politician.

Liberal Bureaucracy thought that the idea of "Drink ASBOs" shows the government missing the point, yet again!

Stumbling and Mumbling analysed Peter Mandelson's contribution to the filesharing debate.

Tuesday 1st September

A Liberal Burblings trinity for Tuseday who had three excellent posts:

Firstly he eviscerated Clarkson with respect to his comments about female presenters.

Secondly he reckoned that Cameron has been indulging in disgraceful point scoring regarding the Al Megrahi episode.

And thirdly he suggested that Lib Dem MP Nick Harvey's comments about second homes were a damn disgrace!

Wednesday 2nd September

Costigan Quist asked if 12 year old girls should be taking folic acid.

My mum's favourite blogger, Constantly Furious had a proper rant about the green agenda.

Thursday 3rd September

Sara Bedford had a very thought provoking post about Senator Edward Kennedy's approach to terrorism.

Costigan again, this time pulling up The Sun on its misleading use of circles.

Liberal England had a great post about the Farage farago highlighting just how restive the Tories actually are under the surface if they are willing to give tacit or even explicit support to his attempt to unseat John Bercow in Buckingham. Also contains the best "wicker hamper" metaphor I have ever read.

Skipper (he used to teach me politics you know - sort of) laments Brown's lack of bottle.

My Two Penneth with a wonderful follow-up post to the one I featured on this roundup last week now seeing herself standing at a political crossroads. Although new to blogging, she's a great writer so please add her to your feeds. She is certainly one to watch for the future I feel if she sticks with it.

Friday 4th September

Moments of Clarity again, this time he asked why we are not standing against Speaker Bercow ourselves...

...and Stephen Glenn told him why.

A couple of bonuses this week:

1) Wired magazine recently reported on how the effects of placebos are getting stronger and scientists are desperate to find out why. Fascinating stuff.

2) I came across this little curiosity this week. It is a copy of a recent blogpost of mine "Older women are treated badly by TV" but with some of the words sustituted for other ones!? I have my suspicions regarding what this is about but would be interested in what others think and if other bloggers have noticed their own work being posted like this.

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