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Thursday, 15 July 2010

Sara Bedford and Paul Evans on House of Comments - Episode 34

The latest "House of Comments" podcast with myself and Stuart Sharpe of the Sharpe's Opinion blog is now live. The 34th episode which we recorded on Tuesday 13th July is now available to download, raw mp3 file here or you can subscribe to the podcast via iTunes here. Failing that you can listen to it right now below:

The format is to invite political bloggers on each week to discuss a few of the stories that are making waves in the blogosphere.

This week we were joined by Sara Bedford of the Lib Dem “Always win when you’re singing” blog and Labour blogger Paul Evans from “Never trust a hippy“.

We discussed the Labour party and how it needs to position itself in relation to the coalition as well as raking over its history in office. We also discussed Paul’s new “Political Innovation” initiative which seeks to bring together political bloggers from all parties under a common purpose.

If you are a political blogger and would like to participate in the future, please drop me an e-mail here.

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