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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Conor Burns doesn't understand the difference between "The Government" and "The Tory Party"

Classic bit of whining here from former Tory minister Conor Burns over how the Lib Dems are now going to vote against boundary changes:

"It appears to prove what many have long feared: it’s one rule for the Conservatives, who have to resign or be sacked to vote against the government, and another rule for the Deputy Prime Minister who just has to have a hissy fit."

Burns resigned in order to vote against Lords reform, hence his bitterness as what he seems to perceive as double standards.

But the former minister is fundamentally misunderstanding how coalition government works. He resigned because he was voting against a bill that had been agreed by the leadership of the two coalition parties, i.e. the Government. However in the case of the boundary changes there is not agreement from the Lib Dem leadership. So this just leaves the Conservative leadership wanting the changes.

They are not the Government!

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