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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Sources close to Thompson

Later today Mark Thompson will attempt to solve a tricky database problem.

He will urge colleagues to "stick with him" whilst he tackles the issue which is expected to take most of the morning and perhaps some of the afternoon.

Thompson will urge the tables within the database to "unite" probably through linking key fields or even aides say using stored procedures.

The software developer stressed that whilst the problems he faces are difficult it is important to "stay the course". He is expected to reject calls for a different approach utilising a big spreadsheet and will insist "there is no alternative".

The high profile database work comes just days after a particularly tricky logical error within the codebase that Thompson tracked down using a binary chop of the source code control system.

Sources close to Thompson say that he may even delay lunch until the problem is solved. Although he has a Pot Noodle in the cupboard.

He insists however that the snack food is Plan A+ and not Plan B.

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