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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Linkage for Sunday, 21st October 2012

George Young Will Be A Legendary Chief Whip -Good piece from @jerryhayes1 on how being nice to people in politics pays off

The Tories forced their own chief whip out. David Cameron beware

Prince Charles has no right to privacy on public matters

Why I’m not marching - Hopi Sen(se)

Opinion: Where now on Electoral Reform? (France!)

What game theory teaches us about Lance Armstrong

Jimmy Savile was protected by the media's defence of the status quo | Ros Coward via @guardian - V thought provoking

Here's why MPs will eventually have to publish their landlord/renting details:

An affront to democracy, and to transparency

Interesting graph here showing the effect of all the spending on the War on Drugs since 1970:

Is liberalism wrong – and how would we know? via @libdemvoice

This is fantastic. Guy jumps into frozen pool:!

I think this piece is supposed to make Jeremy Hunt look stupid. It just makes The Queen and Prince Phillip look rude:

Hey DLT. If you didn't do this groping you're accused of, why do you feel need to claim 70s was a "different world"?

The Very Fluffy Diary of Millennium Dome, Elephant: Day 4306: The Problem with the Four Pledges Test

Hopelessly flawed and never quite what they seem - but leaders cling to referendums for comfort - Comment - Voices -…

NHS Reform, the bill "no one voted for"? No, not really.

Caron's Musings: Page 3 is the tip of a huge iceberg which threatens our society

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