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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Linkage for Thursday, 25th October 2012

A VIEW FROM HAM COMMON: Nick Clegg truly doesn't have a reverse gear

The National Health Action Party must be strangled at birth - This is a terrible post by the normally more sensible Paul Richards. His argument is essentially "vote Labour" because the electoral system is dreadful. You know, that same electoral system that half his party frantically campaigned to keep last year. If AV had come in the "problem" Paul highlights (LETTING TEH TORRIEEZ IN!!!11) would no longer exist.

The Savile scandal is about children, not overpaid TV executives | Suzanne Moore

Shove your $5m, Donald Trump - I love the description of Trump here as an "implausibly coiffured buffoon" - from @TomChivers

4 Things Movies Always Get Wrong About Computer Hackers

Damian McBride, Why Dave needs Artie, Paula and Beverly

How Microsoft Lost Its Mojo: Steve Ballmer and Corporate America’s Most Spectacular Decline | Vanity Fair - This article is a must read for anyone involved in software development or running any company large or small. In fact just anyone! Object lessons in how bureaucracy and internal company politics can become utterly stifling. long read but very much worth it.

David Miliband and the Labour art of speaking in code - They really do need to speak intelligible English

Outlawed by Amazon DRM - This is very worrying. it's the equivalent of Waterstones coming round and taking all your books off your shelf

The BBC regains its honour - another excellent piece from @nickcohen4

Transform Drug Policy Foundation Blog: The US votes for change (to its drug laws)

Deccan Aitkenhead takes apart Peter Hitchen's arguments on drugs one by one in this fascinating interview

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Nick said...

'The normally more sensible Paul Richards'? He's always been a Labour hack who just sometimes manages to hide it a little.