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Friday, 24 April 2009

EU Integration Test

I have just taken the EU Integration test. There are 30 questions and it attempts to gauge where you are on a graph where the axes are anti-pro EU integration on one and left-right socioeconomic on the other. Some of the questions do not allow enough nuance for my liking. For example one of them asks if the EU should have more powers and another asks if they should be able to raise taxes. I am not keen on either of those things but if there was proper democratic reform of the European institutions, I might be. Doubtless my responses to these moved me more towards anti-EU

Interestingly according to the results I am moderately anti-EU and am somewhere between the Tories and the Greens:

For the record, I do not consider myself to be anti-EU. I do have a problem with the way in which the structures are not properly democratically accountable and I really think that the Lisbon treaty should be ratified in the UK through a referendum because all 3 main parties said it would happen. We are however much better off in the EU than outside of it and it is generally a force for good in my view.

Iain Dale is apparently slap bang on the UKIP tag and Tim Montgomerie from Con Home is also hovering dangerously close to them too!

I would be interested to see where other Lib Dems are on this graph.


Paul Ankers said...

Labour are the most right wing party now?

Anonymous said...

On the left-right axis, I'm about where the Green Party are, and on the pro/anti-integration axis, I'm a tad below Labour.