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Friday, 3 April 2009

Will this unravel for Brown?

So, Brown has managed to get some fantastic coverage in today's press regarding the G20. Probably about as good as he could have hoped for and the markets also rose 4% yesterday.

However, I think we all need to remember that this is Gordon Brown we are talking about here. Every budget that he announced as Chancellor was always spun to the max and usually also garnered positive headlines, until a few days later when the detail had been pored over and the double counting, reannouncements and shabbily concealed bad news became clear to everyone. Indeed Fraser Nelson has already started the analysis here and is does not look good if he is right about the detail.

There is another point worth remembering here. This is Gordon's last roll of the dice. He is massively associated with the decisions made yesterday. He hosted the summit and was first to the podium with the speech after the agreements had been reached. If this package now fails to work then he has nowhere else to go.

I hope it does work - there has been such relentless bad news for the last year that something that showed clear signs that a corner was being turned can only be a good thing.

Charlotte has performed a detailed analysis of yesterday's announcements from a Libertarian perspective.

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