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Wednesday, 22 April 2009

This Government is now the walking dead

With the pointless Budget today and Gordon Brown's surprise and cack-handed attempt to take control of the MP expenses issue yesterday it is really starting to feel now like this government is in its death throes.

I am old enough to remember the last couple of years of the Major government. It wasn't pretty and it was like watching a slow motion car crash. That lasted years. One big difference between then and now though was that John Major was initially elected by his own party, then he won a general election and when the whispering and back-biting got too much he submitted himself again to a leadership election in 1995 which in the end he won convincingly with almost 2/3rds of the votes of the parliamentary Conservative party.

Contrast that with the unelected and politically amoral current resident of Downing Street. It is now clear to me that he used his goons to ensure that nobody stood against him for the leadership when Tony Blair stood down. It is also becoming ever clearer through memoirs etc. that he spent his 10 years in No 11 plotting against and trying to destabilise Blair's leadership. That is Tony Blair who was elected leader of the Labour party with a decent majority and won three general elections.

Brown to my knowledge is unique, certainly in the modern age of politics for not have been elected in any way shape or form (discounting his constituency election which is about as red rosette and donkeyish as you can get and thus not a real test for him) and this is now painfully apparent. He has no empathy or feel for the concerns of the public and he comes across appallingly badly.

The worst thing is that we are going to have to wait another year at least before we have the chance to get rid of him and his rotten government.

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John said...

If that's so then we have another year to keep on campaigning in our target seats - more literature, more voter ID and more canvassing. Don't get mad get even!