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Sunday, 14 June 2009

Another Gordon Brown wager!

During the BBC Question Time Live Chat on here on Thursday, I had a £10 bet with fellow blogger Constantly Furious (who always seems to be quite irked about something) that Gordon Brown will not be PM by the end of the year. I feel that the only reason he survived this time round is because of the fear that a General Election would have to be called in short order. However come the Autumn I reckon that a new PM could credibly announce upon accession that the General Election would be held in early spring which is almost when it would have to be held anyway, i.e. Labour would have nothing to lose and perhaps much to gain by plunging in the knife at that point.

Peter Hoskin seems to agree that Brown's position is now exceptionally fragile and with the 2 upcoming by-elections and various other things in the pipeline the fatal blow could come at any point. Apparently Ed Balls might even play the part of Brutus which would have been unthinkable until recently and does illustrate how far we have come.

Anyway, I just wanted to record here the fact of this latest bet. Although it looks like I have almost certainly lost my other wager, I look forward to taking the money off my perpetually irascible friend...

1 comment:

Constantly Furious said...

Gordon Brown and Peter Mandelson have won the great game: they signed a two-for-one deal with Satan, and they both drink the same brand of Unicorn Blood.

With Peter's help, Gordon Brown is never going to depart.

Unlike that crisp ten pound note in your wallet. That's on its way.. ;-)