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Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Work interfering with my political habit!

I am my own boss and that means I generally work very long hours often including evenings and weekends. However because I am usually largely in control of my own timetable it does mean that I can afford myself the occasional political treat during the day like watching PMQs or the budget speech and also enough time intermittently to blog.

However since the start of last week I have been largely working on customer site and this means that I am now not really in control of my own timetable. I missed PMQs last week and I will probably miss it again today. This is likely to go on until the end of July! I am having to catch up with things in the mornings and evenings.

How do others bloggers/activists juggle their work/family and political stuff?


Anonymous said...

I'm tremendously expensive, so I don't need to work much. Or perhaps, I don't work much, because I'm tremendously expensive, take your pick :-)

I'm also able to work with the TV on, sometimes two TVs, sometimes two TVs and a builder.

This is apparently not a common talent, (my partner hates it) but it is extraordinarily useful. I put it down to having to do hard coding in noisy, busy office environments over the years. I've learned to split my attention without losing my primary focus, or something like that.

Jennie said...

How do I juggle parenting, blogging, work, political activism and geekery? Badly, I think.