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Tuesday, 9 June 2009


Pelting the BNP Leader Nick Griffin with eggs is not the way forward. It just makes him look like the victim of an angry mob and will elicit sympathy for him.

Far better to engage them in debate and expose their policies for what they really are, hate filled, incoherent and nonsensical.

There has been a good debate on this going on on Charlotte's blog here today.


Mike said...

I don't agree. If people keep doing this, he will be largely unable to continue deceiving people as he's been doing :) It's democracy in action ^_^

Aye We Can ! said...

i think ther is a balance here - but, first lets get wise - a lot of this protest stuff is co-ordinated by the SWP and other far left groups. Its not about denying the BNP a platform, but of getting them one....this afternoon's antics at the HoC got the BNP more and better publicity than it could ever have dreamed of..and they were looked like victims

Ive seen trots in action over the decades and some things never change---just their fellow travellers, often genuine enough folks, but really just unwitting fodder for the far left

on the gewneral all party boycott of the BNP on public platforms , including TV studios long may it does show they aint normal, denies them status. I think for example David Cameron insisting on this says something quite profound and meaningful

So lets keep "no platform" but define is paramaters - and it should not include petling the BNP with eggs , like a student rag week. Because away from the cameras the BNP will throw back more than eggs - but not at the students, or the far left rent a mob.

Mark Reckons said...

No, let's not keep "No platform". It is a bad approach and allows them to claim we are trying to shut them up.

Let's take them on with proper arguments and show them for what they are. Under the scrutiny that elected office brings I am confident they will soon fall apart.