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Thursday, 25 June 2009

BBC Question Time Live Chat - 25th June 2009 - #bbcqt

Give me a "Q"! Give me a "U"! Give me a "Estion Time"! Yes, it's that day again and the Live Chat on this blog will start at 10:30pm.

The panel will include Employment Minister Jim Knight (of @jimknightmp fame), Conservative shadow security minister Dame Pauline Neville-Jones, Liberal Democrat local government spokesman Julia Goldsworthy, Plaid Cymru Welsh Assembly Member Leanne Wood, and columnist and commentator Kelvin McKenzie (why do we have to endure this idiot?).

You can also follow people's comments on Twitter via the #bbcqt hashtag (you can also follow me here on Twitter by the way). I wonder if Jim Knight will tweet during the broadcast. It's pre-recorded an hour or so before so he might well do.

Liberal Democrat Voice also always have an open thread for BBC Question Time which is usually posted just before the start of the programme.

The chat starts from 10:30pm this evening:

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