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Thursday, 16 July 2009

BBC Question Time Live Chat - 16th July 2009 - #bbcqt

It's BBC Question Time day again and with no messing around with the scheduling tonight, the Live Chat on this blog will start at 10:30pm.

The panel will include Foreign Office minister Chris Bryant (who?), Vice Chairman of the Conservative Party Margot James (who?), the Liberal Democrat spokesman on housing Lembit Opik MP (Lembit!), the talk show host and campaigner Trisha Goddard (Jesus wept) and the editor of the Financial Times Lionel Barber.

Liberal Democrat Voice also always have an open thread for BBC Question Time which is usually posted just before the start of the programme.

Join us from 10:30pm below:


Cardinal Richelieu's mole said...

Re Margot James - I was shocked to be advised by His Eminence himself (!) that she is a star, the only “points recorded against” being that Iain Dale has said she is one of the nicest people in politics!

She is PPC for the Stourbridge constituency, a Labour marginal in the West Midlands.

Cardinal Richelieu's mole said...

Re Trisha Goddard - she is not the thinking man's Vanessa Feltz! - so no need to weep I would say.

She has some proper formal training, I believe in counselling, and is a fairly serious person in terms of having a grip on realities.

Of course, that she would want to involve herself in a show like BBC QT does itself raise questions!