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Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Mark Reckons - June STATPORN

Well as I suspected would be the case, my stats for this month aren't as good as last months! However they aren't too shabby and show huge progress on the months before May (I am viewing May as a bit of a blip given the media coverage I got). My most visited post this month was "Commentariat vs Bloggertariat" event review - #eiblogger which got a little over 2,000 pageviews. Iain Dale and Guido both linked to it as well as a number of other blogs which pushed the traffic high on it.

So, anyway for June I got 13,585 Pageviews from 10,525 Visits and a total of 7,199 Absolute Unique Visitors. As a quick reference, my figures for the preceding 6 months Pageviews (when I first really started blogging properly and started recording the Analytics) are:

December - 94
January - 704
February - 836
March - 1,392
April - 4,246
May - 21,931

My top 5 blog posts with the number of page views were:

Top 5 referring sites were:

2) Order Order (1,061)
3) Lib Dem Blogs (761)
4) (637)
5) Lib Dem Voice (614)

2,279 visits came from search engines and the top 5 search terms were:

1) mark reckons (153)
2) emily apple and val swain (142)
3) emily apple (109)
4) brown resign petition (48)
5) emily apple val swain (41)

One other thing I have noticed as I have been browsing the stats is that there are 794 people who have visited this site more than 25 times, 312 who have visited more than 50 times and 89 who have visited it more than 100 times! This is an interesting metric (I assume it is cumulative over time) and one that I will keep an eye on as I think it shows that I am doing OK on "repeat business" as it were.

Right, here's to a long and prosperous July!


Anonymous said...

For what it's worth, my blog's stats fell too. Writer's block is bad for your stat porn :)

Costigan Quist said...

Yep, mine were down for June. Being on holiday for a week and not being linked to by Bad Science this month didn't help.

Mark Reckons said...

Same here. Ben Goldacre doesn't love me any more :(