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Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Zero percent rise!

Gordon Brown has just announced during Prime Minister's Questions that there will be a "Zero percent rise" in spending in 2013. So no increase is apparently a "rise". It's amazing how with Mr Brown words seem to mean whatever he wants them to.

UPDATE: Now with added embeddage:


Anonymous said...

Zero percent rise in spending is very different from zero percent spending! Im no Brown fan but i think what he said is fair. But maybe 'no rise in spending' would have been clearer, but that would not have ruled out a fall in spending.

Mark Reckons said...

And I never claimed he said zero percent spending.

Don't be surprised if he lumps "zero percent rise" in with the other "rises" he claims to talk about 6 years of rises or similar. It's classic Brown.

Oranjepan said...

This is all about manipulative use of language - use of the phrase 'spending rise' appeals to the left, while 'zero' gives emphasis to the strictness of discipline beloved of the right (see 'zero tolerance').

Combining these opposites is this way is perfect political jargon because it plays to the audience and without his actually having to do anything.

So you're exactly right to focus on it as a prime example of what is wrong with him and his approach to politics.

Syncretism is basically incoherent and causes more problems than it solves, so yes it's classic Brown and another example of why he nmust go.

Pete B - Pete's Politics Blog said...

I just wanted to put my head in my hands and cry when I heard him say that. The only way he could do worse would be to stand up and tell people to vote Tory.