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Saturday, 18 July 2009

A week in the Lib Dem blogosphere: 11th - 18th July 2009

Saturday 11th July

Norfolk Blogger had an enjoyable tongue-in-cheek piece about Iain Dale's visit to Norwich North.

Sunday 12th July

This is simply one of the best things I have ever seen courtesy of Orange By Name. A Caribbean steel percussion band playing a cover version of Transmission by Joy Division. Utterly sublime.

Monday 13th July

Charlotte Gore continued to fight back against her recent bout of writer's block with a thought provoking piece where she claimed that environmentalism is incompatible with capitalism. It is worth reading through the comments below her piece as it has provoked a strong debate.

Steve Webb MP posted on "The Politics of Pendulums" and articulates something I have thought for a while, that politics tends to overcompensate when trying to address issues of the day.

Tuesday 14th July

Alex Wlicock on Love and Liberty republishes an excellent article first published in 2004 on a Doctor Who fan-site explaining how Doctor Who made him a liberal.

Mark Pack reported on how illegal file-sharing has dropped amongst music fans. So it would seem that despite all their bluster, once the music companies stopped trying to fight the technology and embraced it providing a fairly priced and easy to access alternative to illegal downloads, consumers prefer the legal route.

Wednesday 15th July

Moments of Clarity asked if voters should be willing to vote for disunited parties.

Wit and Wisdom was stuck between "A Rock and a Hard Place" on the issue of Europe now that Tony Blair is being touted as President.

Angela Harbutt writing on Liberal Vision wanted the government to back off and fears that we are all being turned into zombies supposed to expect government to do everything for us. With our own money!

Thursday 16th July

Sara Bedford on Always Win When You're Singing wrote persuasively about the government's wrong-headedness regarding their plans to make occasional visitors to schools have to pay £64 for a background check.

Costigan Quist writing on Liberal Democrat Voice thought that some of the way politics is practised in this country is a throw-back to 3 centuries ago before mass political parties existed and that we need to modernise our system.

Friday 17th July

The Real Blog concurred with Sara Bedford above.

And in what for me is the Lib Dem post of the week, James Graham writing on Quaequam Blog argued that the defection of the Fernandos to the Tories exposes a wider failure within our party.

PS: I think I am going to change the format of this a bit from next week to include non-Lib Dem things I have come across that I have enjoyed during the week too. Hence the name will change. Again...

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