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Thursday, 24 June 2010

BBC Question Time Live Chat - 24th June 2010 - #bbcqt

It's #bbcqt day again and the Live Chat starts on this blog from 10:30pm as normal. Matt Raven will be in the hosting chair.

David Dimbleby will be joined by the Business Secretary and Liberal Democrat MP Vince Cable, the shadow education secretary Ed Balls, the leader of the Green Party Caroline Lucas MP, Mail on Sunday columnist Peter Hitchens, and the founder of and Brent Hoberman.

Join us below from 10:30pm:

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JohnM said...

Vince looked pretty uncomfortable at times but put up a strong defence against some fairly ridiculous attacks from opportunist Lucas and bruiser Balls.

I would still have maybe put the question back to the audience about how much per minute of our tax is going on debt interest and who would defend the continuation of that.

Could have been clearer on the pupil premium and didn't hit Balls down about the increases in child poverty and the rich:poor divide over the past 13 years but did score on the loss of manufacturing jobs.