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Thursday, 17 June 2010

Sarah Palin visit would not be good for the Tories

Some Tory and right-wing bloggers are getting very excited about the possibility that Sarah Palin, the former GOP VP candidate may visit the UK later this year. Apparently she is keen to meet Margaret Thatcher who is one of her political heroines.

There is even talk that she might address the Tory conference. At the very least it is likely were she to come that David Cameron would have to meet her.

I think a visit from Palin would not be good for the Tories though. Of course she would bring with her the glamour and excitement that she has built up in the last couple of years. But she would also bring with her, her complete lack of understanding of many issues as well as pretty extreme views.

The Conservatives who relish the thought of a Palin visit should bear in mind that many people in this country do not see her as a maverick hero with right on her side but a strange woman with some very suspect views on lots of issues. An association with her risks looking like the party is aligning itself with very right-wing elements, not really what I suspect Team Cameron want to see.

They should also bear in mind that even if she gets the GOP nomination for 2012 (and it is surely pretty likely that someone who is actually good comes through before then) she would be exposed and ridiculed during the election she would then certainly lose. I expect Tina Fey is honing her fantastic impression right now.

Do they really want to associate themselves so closely with an extremist who is likely to be such a big loser in a couple of years' time?


Foregone Conclusion said...

Palin isn't even that popular among Americans. In fact, she's very unpopular outside her base of teabaggers. People really do think of her as shrill and stupid.

Unknown said...

Part of me hopes she does run in 2012 and go down in flames.

She would be a perfect example of why the right needs to be led from the center not the far right.

On the other hand, Obama needs to be replaced. He is going to bankrupt the country.

For the record, I am British, a Conservative supporter, and currently living in the socialist mecca that is the San Francisco bay area.