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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Very impressed with Cameron's Bloody Sunday statement

I've just been watching David Cameron Commons statement from earlier today following the findings of the Saville Inquiry into the events of Bloody Sunday. The report is very clear that the 13 who were killed were innocent and that the order to go into the bogside should never have been given.

Cameron's statement was also clear that he accepted the findings. That there should be no equivocation, that the actions of the army on that day were wrong and on behalf of the British government he apologised.

Some other bloggers are talking about how there were many occasions when protagonists from the other side were in the wrong as well and whilst that is true, Bloody Sunday has hung over the troubles for decades and I hope that now, finally, a line can be drawn under the dreadful events of that day 38 years ago.

I think Cameron's statement today was very well judged and can hopefully contribute to that line being drawn.

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Unknown said...

Yes, I agree. His apology was straightforward and utterly believable. Coming from a Tory, it was also quite remarkable.

I wasn't so chuffed about him saying that never again would there be such a huge enquiry. He was doing really well until then.

I felt he had a difficult job to do today and he balanced the needs of all the communities in all his remarks.