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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Tory Rascal and Matt Wardman on House of Comments - Episode 30

The latest "House of Comments" podcast with myself and Stuart Sharpe of the Sharpe's Opinion political blog is now live. The 30th episode which we recorded on Tuesday 15th June is available to download raw mp3 file here or you can subscribe to the podcast via iTunes here.

The format is to invite political bloggers on each week to discuss a few of the stories that are making waves in the blogosphere.

This week we were joined by Tory Rascal and Matt Wardman of The Wardman Wire.

We discussed the Saville report into Bloody Sunday and the political reaction, the Labour leadership contest (can Diane Abbott really win it?), how badly are newspapers really faring at the moment (sparked by this post on Left Foot Forward) and also talked a little bit about whether blogs could ever fill the role that the mass and local media have traditionally had.

If you are a political blogger and would like to participate in the future, please drop me an e-mail here.

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