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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Orange Digital Election Awards - Results sneak preview

I was on a judging panel a few weeks back for the Orange Digital Election Awards which seeks to recognise the best (and worst) of the digital contributions to the recent general election campaign. The awards will be announced formally later today an event in Westminster but I am pleased to be able to give a sneak preview of the winners now:

Best use of Digital Campaigning by a Political Party: Conservative Party.
Merit Award: Labservatives campaign by the Liberal Democrats.

Best independent use of digital campaigning: The Straight Choice
Merit Award 1: Youfundme
Merit Award 2: HopenotHate

Best use of Twitter: #Nickcleggsfault (Congratulations to Nick Barlow)

Funniest use of Digital media:

Demerit Award 1: Cash Gordon
Demerit Award 2: Kerry McCarthy tweeting postal votes in advance of the election

Best use of Digital Campaigning by a Candidate: Lynne Featherstone MP
Merit Award 1: Anthony Calvert (Ed Balls' Tory opponent)
Merit Award 2: Stella Creasy MP

It was great fun to be involved with selecting the winners (over a long lunch in a nice restaurant - thanks Orange!)

Congratulations to all the winners!

UPDATE: Anthony Painter who was the chair of the judges has also produced a report for Orange which contains a full analysis of how digital media affected the election. You can find it here.


Old Holborn said...

what a stich up

NTrout said...

I'm sure I'm not the only one who enjoys the irony of the Labservatives campaigning gaining a merit when you consider the end result of the election.

Mark Thompson said...

NTrout: The irony was fully appreciated during the judging process! To the extent that I am pretty sure at one point I referred to it as the Libservatives campaign :)