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Monday, 14 June 2010

Other Reckonings - 14th June 2010

  • Will Straw on Left Foot Forward has some utterly terrifying figures. Well terrifying if you work for a newspaper.
  • Charlotte Gore explains how the banking crisis came to pass and how public and private borrowing are two very different animals.
  • Iain Roberts on Lib Dem Voice challenges us to think of issues upon which we have changed our view due to evidence.
  • Caron Lindsay thinks the reaction to Rob Green's "hand of clod" slip-up on Saturday is way, way over the top. Amen!

Monday bonus is World Cup related. I think the football song attempts this time round have been pretty poor so here's the best football song ever recorded. Teh Mighty Black Grape from 1996 featuring Teh even Mightier Joe Strummer (and Lily Allen's dad) with England's Irie...

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