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Friday, 15 May 2009

Andrew MacKay's meeting - Is there a big enough venue?

Yesterday, I noticed Peter Henley (BBC South Today political editor) on Twitter was tweeting from outside the place where Andrew MacKay is staying in our Bracknell constituency. He said that people were coming by to ask about when the meeting was going to be. I asked Peter if he knew and he tweeted in response:

@MarkJThompson not totally fixed..they're worried they can't find the right venue - mad stad?!

Which obvously means the Majedski Stadium (Reading FC's home ground)! I guess they have been overwhelmed with interest from people wanting to attend and are concerned the venues they are looking at won’t be large enough. I am not surprised. I sense a very strong groundswell of opinion here in the constituency. A poll on the "Get Bracknell" local news website at the time of writing has 79% of respondents saying that he should stand down as an MP.

I have asked Peter to keep us all informed on Twitter. You can follow him on Twitter here and me here.

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