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Tuesday, 5 May 2009

"Gordon Brown resign" petition - 50,000 and counting

The "Please go" petition on the No 10 website has just passed 50,000 this morning.

The rate of increase has slowed down in the last few days which I have posted about previously wondering why that might be but it is still by far and away the most rapidly growing petition on the site. As far as I am aware there has as of yet been no response from No 10.

It looks like the 50,000 are not the only ones who want to get rid of Brown. Even members of his own cabinet are now criticising him in about as blatant a way as possible without actually resigning. The decision as to whether or not he resigns could soon be taken out of his hands, but I hope that people still sign the petition to keep the pressure up.

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Constantly Furious said...

Belatedly, the Labour eSpinners have also started their very own Online Petition Against David Cameron.

As you might expect, it completely misses the point - they want us all to sign up to help make Dave answer the question “Austerity for who?”.

Genius, eh?