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Tuesday 19 May 2009

Other Reckonings - 19th May 2009


Constantly Furious said...

Never mind all that; you've got another list to do - you're tagged. Just did one of the endless "Eight things I Hate" memes at Eight things I hate.

Got to thinkin' that it might be a laugh to pass the meme to some Lib-Dems. After all, you never get angry about anything, right there in the middle 'n' all. It'd be fun to see Lib-Dems do some hatin'. So its you and Charlotte Gore. Enjoy ;-)

Mark Thompson said...

CF - I really don't have much of a problem getting angry about stuff I can assure you. I am sure I can come up with 8 things but it will have to be tomorrow as I am for me bed soon.

Thanks for the tag.