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Wednesday 20 May 2009

Why I think Frank Field should be the next Speaker and why he won't be

I think Frank Field should be the next Speaker of the House of Commons.

Reasons why he should be:

1) He is extremely independent.
2) He is fiercely intelligent.
3) He has the courage to stand up against the government and has proved it time and again.
4) I can't remember a time when I have seen him state a position that was not eminently sensible.

Reasons why he won't:

1) Gordon Brown hates him


Anonymous said...

HI Mark. Are you refering to Frank Field MP Birkenhead?

Mark Thompson said...

Hi. Yes. Why?

granny grumble said...

Read this comment in liverpool Echo "You Say" page 12may2009 and I agree with it.

"Frank Field MP seems completley oblivious to the loss of jobs in his constituency during his watch and is under the impression that benefits are a "lifestyle choice"

"It is completely outragious for Mr Field to rant on about the need to cut welfare spending, as he did in the ECHO(may9), for it then to transpire that poor hard-up MR Feild has to ask the taxpayer to pay for an LCD TV, a clock radio, kitchen goods and various items from a Generation Game conveyor belt."

"People on benefits or in work have to pay for these items Mr Field.

You are a disgrace."