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Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Lib Dem Blogs needs our help

Ryan Cullen has put this message up on the Lib Dem Blogs aggregator website today:

You may have noticed that today the site was down for a large period of time. Unfortunately I can no longer maintain LibDemBlogs on my current hosting package and due to financial constraints I can no longer personally afford to carry on upgrading the hosting.

A new VPS hosting solution would cost nearly £300 a year to run. In the past it has been suggested that I charge a fee to each blog which is aggregated for pushing traffic to their sites. With 218 active sites each paying around two pounds these costs could be covered. I know that times are tough for most people so I won't introduce a "pay-and-display" scheme. However what I am doing is asking for donations to keep the site alive.

Until I can afford to purchase the new hosting it will not be possible to display any new posts.

If you make use of the aggregator, either as a blogger or otherwise, please visit the website and consider giving a small amount to help keep it going. There is a paypal option on the site and I know some people are sending cheques.

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