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Monday, 15 March 2010

Gordon Brown is The Terminator

Good god! Gordon Brown has announced that even if Labour lose the election he will remain party leader. He's like The Terminator towards the end of the original film. Bits falling off him. Half a carcass still dragging himself along unable to quit because his programming won't let him.

He said:

I think I owe it to people to continue and complete the work that we've started of taking this country out of the most difficult global financial recession.

And to be honest, going around the country, I feel there's more to do to improve the health service, more to do to give people better opportunities, more to do for women on maternity pay and equal pay, more to do on the discriminations that still exist.

By contrast I think he owes it to his party and the country to go and go quickly if he loses the election.

Otherwise people will quite rightly be asking what part of "F**k Off" does he not understand?


Kalvis Jansons said...

I feel the same way as you, but sadly he might even be the PM after the election. Labour are --- amazingly --- winning a lot of people round!

So we cannot be sure how this story will end! :(

David Weber said...

To be honest, whether Brown stays and goes as leader is a matter for Labour, not the country. The country decides whether Labour stays in power or not (unless the voting system grants Labour more seats on less votes, an absurdity which is quite possible), but they have no say on whether Labour keeps Brown.

It'd be amusing if Brown actually succeeded in staying in power post-election. I can quite see him trying. It'd be even more interesting if he came back to win the next election.

Mick Anderson said...

I'll happily vote against Mr Brown and his party, but (even if I didn't live in a Tory stronghold) none of the parties who could end up holding (the balance of) power appeal to me.

The one thing the polls tell us is that if every MP had to return a majority of the available votes (rather than votes cast), the only people left in Westminster would be the cleaning staff.

Tommo said...

Remember Mark, Terminators can't self-terminate so somebody will have to do it for him. Where's Sarah Connor when you need her?