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Thursday, 4 March 2010

BBC Question Time Live Chat - 4th March 2010 - #bbcqt

No election count for me to go to this week so I will be back in the host's chair for the #bbcqt Live Chat on this blog starting at 10:30pm. Thanks again to @El_Cuervo for standing in last week.

Coming from Canary Wharf, the panel are Transport Secretary Lord Adonis, London Mayor Boris Johnson, the Liberal Democrat peer Shirley Williams, the broadcaster Carol Vorderman and novelist Will Self.

Could be quite a good edition. Adonis particularly usually talks good sense and it's always good fun to see Will Self sneeringly cutting people down to size. Also, I hope one of the members of the audience asks Vorderman about shilling for rip-off loan "consolidation" companies. What are the chances?

Join us from 10:30pm below:

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