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Thursday, 4 March 2010

Vince Cable viewed as best potential Chancellor in marginals

Very interesting finding from the latest marginals poll by Channel 4/YouGov today. They asked the question:

"Who would make the best Chancellor after the election"

The answers were:

Vince Cable: 27%
Alistair Darling: 17%
George Osborne: 15%

This is pretty damning stuff for the Tories and ties in with what I have been saying for a while. Osborne is a liability for them.

It's great to see Vince getting the recognition he deserves. It is so difficult for spokespeople in any portfolio to get recognition for the third party so his achievement here is even more incredible.


English Pensioner said...

I'm not surprised. With financially competent MPs like John Redwood, Cameron appoints a crony like simley George to the post of Shadow Chancellor! Total madness!

Kalvis Jansons said...

I would agree with that too.

Mick Anderson said...

I suspect that most people would make a better Chancellor than any of those three, apart from Mr Brown (a pair of dice would do a better job than him - at least there's a random chance of doing something right!)

Mr Cable has been ahead of the curve on predicting some of the problems, but I don't believe in the solutions I've heard from him. Too Keynes for my taste.

I'd support Mr Redwood for Chancellor, though.

Voter said...

I do not see why Vince Cable should be regarded as deserving of great recognition, Mark.

Have you seen the posts on my blog?