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Thursday, 25 March 2010

Other Reckonings - 25th March 2010

  • Dick Puddlecote reports on something that could lead to speed cameras becoming obsolete.
  • Transform Drug Policy Foundation think mephedrone is on the fast track to banned status, probably before the election.
  • Political Betting has some fascinating data showing that only a quarter of people in marginal seats realise that fact. Could that have an impact on the outcome?
  • And good luck to Jennie Rigg who is standing in a council election.

Thursday bonus is this astonishing footage of David Cameron going into meltdown under questioning about his party's attitude to gay issues. He seems to not understand whether it should be a conscience issue and eventually confuses himself to the extent that he asks for the interview to be stopped. I don't really understand why this has not had wider coverage. If he does anything like this in the live leaders debates he is toast.

Remember, this man wants to be Prime Minister in a few weeks time:

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