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Monday, 22 March 2010

Margaret Moran is a disgrace to the House of Commons

I have just been watching ITV News. If their reports about Labour MP Margaret Moran are accurate then her behaviour is appalling.

She has apparently been on extended sick leave as an MP since May last year (due to stress exacerbated by the expenses scandal) and yet when approached recently by undercover reporters posing as corporate lobbyists she was suddenly available to discuss things with them and claimed she was free and available to help them. Then an hour later another reporter contacted her constituency office posing as a constituent to see if they could speak to her and were told that was not possible as she was on sick leave.

If this is true then she is an utter disgrace to the House of Commons. I have every sympathy with people who are genuinely ill but how can she be as ill as she claims if she is happy to have meetings with corporate lobbyists and put herself at their disposal?

If these reports are accurate then she should resign as an MP immediately.


opsimath said...

Wouldn't that require a vestige of honesty and integrity, though? Things not in great supply in NuLiebour.

Silent Hunter said...

You're right Mark; but let's face it, under our institutionally corrupt system of government, getting rid of her without having to pay her a huge bonus and her generous pension, is about as likely as us getting the government the majority of the electorate want after the coming General Election.

I would advocate that we all vote for ANYONE BUT LABOUR.

Richard said...

And I don't think your own 'disgrace of an MP', the Rt. Hon. Andrew Mackay has been seen much in his constituency since his humiliating appearance at the public meeting where he tried to justify his shameful abuse of parliamentry allowances. But then, he doesn't even live in Bracknell.

I would advocate that we all vote for ANYONE BUT LABOUR OR CONSERVATIVE.