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Friday, 19 March 2010

Other Reckonings - 19th March 2010

  • A bit late this one but Alix Mortimer in a post she wrote last month showing why we all wish she would post more often. A brilliant piece analysing the real reasons for young people's political apathy.
  • Roll-up, roll-up! It's the Stuart Sharpe's Opinion Draft Sale. A real snip.
  • Mark Pack reports on a cock-up by a Tory candidate in the Hebrides. Am I the only one who feels a bit sorry for her?
  • Liberal Conspiracy says teenage girls have sex, get over it! Indeed. So do teenage boys.
  • Jonathan Calder has a review of Lib Dem Spring Conference.

Friday bonus is one of my favourite comedy sketches of all time from Peter Serafinowicz's Christmas special in 2008:


Hugh said...

Excellent sketch. That whole episode was littered with them, as I recall.

Mark Thompson said...

Hugh... You've passed the posting a response test....