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Thursday, 15 April 2010

BBC Question Time Live Chat - 15th April 2010 - #bbcqt

It's that time of the week again and the #bbcqt Live Chat starts on this blog at 10:40pm (show starts at 10:45pm on BBC1). The show is being broadcast live this week so that the panel and audience can watch the leader debates on ITV1 and then respond to how they have gone on the programme.

This week I am unavailable during the programme as I am heading back from London following me hosting the leader debate live chat from the Orwell Prize event where we all watched it too so cannot host the chat myself but Lib Dem blogger Matt Raven (known on Twitter as @El_Cuervo) has yet again very kindly agreed to step in and take on hosting duties.

The panel includes the Energy Secretary Ed Miliband, the shadow schools secretary Michael Gove, the Liberal Democrats' schools spokesman David Laws, UKIP's Nigel Farage, the director of the human rights organisation Liberty, Shami Chakrabarti and the broadcaster John Sergeant.

Join Matt below from 10:40pm:

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