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Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Independent Facebook group to get Lib Dems into office

I have had my attention drawn to a Facebook group today entitled: "We got Rage Against the Machine to #1, we can get the Lib Dems into office!"

It was founded by someone who is not even a party member but who just seems to be sick of the same old politics from the two main parties and is questioning if the only reason the Lib Dems have not been in office for so many years is because people think they won't win then perhaps a group like this could help stop this self fulfilling prophecy from occurring. Here's the info from the main page:

We got Rage Against the Machine to #1, we can get the Lib Dems into office!

This time the cause is even greater!

No matter who we vote for, the government always gets in - for Britain's sake let's at least give the underdog party a proper crack of the whip...

If you say you won't vote Lib Dem because they never get in (something I've heard my entire life!) then let's do it for once!

If you want more info on what the Lib Dems are about, have look at this policy guide:

Founded 30/03/2010

The group has been around for 2 weeks and already has over 13,000 members. It will be interesting to see how this goes and whether its rapid growth garners wider media coverage.

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Shane Hicks (Admin) said...

We can only hope!