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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

The worst 5 minutes of Gordon Brown's election campaign

We'll have to wait and see how the TV news covers it at tonight and the continued fallout from Bigotgate but as I blogged earlier, here are what will likely go down in history as the worst 5 minutes of Brown's 2010 election attempt:

First the encounter with Gillian Duffy:

And then straight afterwards his reaction:


ceedee said...

Or maybe not?

manwiddicombe said...

As someone pointed out - in the first clip Gordon says that he has a "deficit reduction plan to cut the debt in half over four years". Do we need to remind the prudent chancellor that the debt and deficit are not the same? In four years time our debt will still be rising.

Meh. After today Gordon will be lucky to come third in on May 6th

Cardinal Richelieu's mole said...

So far, let us hope! ;-)

This from Stumbling and Mumbling seemed especially apposite: -

"This, I suspect, reveals much about his “moral compass.” He figured: “I sinned so I must repent.” This suggests that, to him, morality is a matter of external rules, any breach of which is to be punished. We can, however, contrast this to conceptions of virtue ethics. A virtuous politician might have argued on the spot, or decided he was right to call her a bigot, or made the tactical calculation that the apology would lose more votes.

Herein, however, lies perhaps one root of Labour’s illiberalism. Brown fails to see the possibility that people might, in the right circumstances, behave virtuously - as citizens or as public servants - and so their behaviour, like his, must be constrained by rules." ng/2010/04/should-never-have-put-me-with-that-womangate.html