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Thursday, 15 April 2010

Very impressed with Lib Dem party election broadcast

I know I am biased but I really do think that this party election broadcast from the Lib Dems is excellent. Uplifting, direct and gets our key policies across very clearly as well as being stylistically impressive.

It is no doubt helped by the beautiful haunting Brian Eno track used throughout.

Oh, and I am assured that every single piece of paper was cleared up afterwards!


emily said...

haha striking image but it looks like clegg is leaving a trail of destruction around him wherever he goes

it should be half the length as well

Elrik Merlin said...

I've loved Brian Eno's "An Ending (Ascent)" ever since I first heard it, and it still makes my hair stand on end. But would I have chosen it for a LibDem PEB? Not in a million years. I suppose it kind of works, especially right at the very end, but… Not that it does any damage, or anything, but I'm not sure that it actively reinforces the message.

The actual content of the message is pretty good in my view, though I would have mentioned the "product" a little more often. In fact it's one of the few occasions where I think a "DOG" of the LibDem logo in the corner of the screen would have been a good idea!

Good presentation of policies, I thought. I do hope we don't get remembered as the "litter party" though :)

I also thought the Labour PEB I saw the other day was pretty good as a piece of advertising; haven't seen a Tory one yet.