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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Other Reckonings - 14th April 2010

  • Charlotte Gore on the blinkered attitude of Brillo.
  • Chrisjw133 reviews the Lib Dem Blackberry app. Other platforms are available.
  • Dean Whitbread interviews Bridget Fox on Lib Dem TV.
  • Sadie spends a bit of time away from her Tavern on balloon duty.
  • Tom Griffin writing on OurKingdom highlights how the Tories are learning about the perils of the First Past the Post voting system in Northern Ireland.

Wednesday bonus is a presentation on Apple's iPad which has recently launched in the US and will launch here soon. There are lots of questions about whether it will take off in the same way as the iPhone and exactly what it will be used for but until now nobody had answered the most important question. Will it blend?

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