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Thursday, 15 April 2010

Leader Election Debate Live Chat - 1

So the time is finally upon us. At 8:30pm tonight we will finally see the first ever debate between the three main party leaders during a General Election campaign in the UK broadcast live on ITV1. I know they have been doing this in the US for the last 50 years but you know, it takes us a little while to catch up!

Anyway, to mark this auspicious occasion, we are running a Live Chat on here which will also be running simultaneously on Lib Dem Voice. Myself and Stephen Tall will be moderating. We will also be running these for the second and third debates in the coming weeks too.

Please join us below from 8:30pm to give us the benefit of your wisdom and your thoughts on their performances as Clegg, Cameron and Brown battle it out:

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Alex said...

I knew I recognized that Jewish kid:

(Seems a bit odd for the Mail of all newspapers to mention, considering their record)