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Monday, 5 April 2010

Other Reckonings - 5th April 2010

Easter Monday bonus is a handy cut-out and keep guide to the major milestones in the incipient election campaign (assuming Gordon Brown as expected visits Her Majesty tomorrow) courtesy of Sam Coates off of The Times:

April 6 Gordon Brown asks Queen to dissolve Parliament
April 15 ITV Leaders debate in north west
April 7-9 Parliamentary "washup", passing remaining bills
April 12 Parliament dissolved, MPs lose their jobs
April 12/13/14 Parties launch their manifesto
April 12/13 Anti-nuclear summit in Washington - will Gordon go?
April 20 Nominations close, last day to register to vote or request postal vote
April 22 Sky Leaders debate in the south west
April 23 Office of National Statistics release Q1 growth stats
April 29 BBC Leaders debate in the Midlands
May 6 General election polls open 7am-10pm

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