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Sunday, 28 June 2009

Classic blog posts for Martin Bright of The Spectator

Last Monday I attended the "Commentariat vs Bloggertariat" event organised by Editorial Intelligence as I blogged about here. during the event, Martin Bright of The Spectator claimed that he had never read a "classic" blog post. I suggested that he might not have been looking in the right places and I promised that I would send him some. I then created a thread where I asked for suggestions. Some of you have responded to this and I have also received some suggestions in private. I have a couple of my own too.

Exactly what constitutes a "classic" blog post is open to a great deal of debate. I suspect that Mr Bright is looking for something that looks and reads like a traditional newspaper comment piece but is then as good as the best of those. I am not sure this is a valid comparison as the medium of blogging is more immediate and open. Great blog posts can be short and punchy, they can be hugely long and rambling as well. The format and length of them is almost entirely in the hands of the author. There is no word limit or format that they have to squeeze into and this gives freedom that newpaper comment writers cannot have.

Anyway, What I have decided to do is list everything that was submitted to me along with a brief description for each. I will Make Mr Bright aware of this post and he may wish to respond either here in the comments or on his own blog. They are in no particular order.

I think in their different ways all these posts listed above demonstrate the strengths of the blogosphere in different ways. Doubtless people will have views on their relative merits but I think this provides evidence that there are indeed "classic" blog posts out there and doubtless we will continue to see many more.

Please feel free to continue to nominate other classic blog posts in the thread below.

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sanbikinoraion said...

This one from Daniel Davies is an absolute must-read:

I find myself sending people the link a few times a year, every year.