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Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Watch Flint

Following Hazel Blears spectacular resignation today, ministers like Peter Mandleson and Liam Byrne have been trying to imply on the media that the pressure was too much. As Iain Dale has said in the past don't underestimate a cornered chipmunk! They are playing a very dangerous game. What she had said so far can be spun that she was not being critical of the government but if she hardens her words she could make it impossible for this be portrayed as anything other than a huge slap in the face for Brown.

Also, keep an eye on Caroline Flint a staunch ally of Ms Blears. If she was to also go over the top (perhaps in sympathy as Hazel's treatment) that would be the local government minister and the Europe minister resigning just before the local and European elections. Again, no amount of spin can disguise the political catastrophe that would signal.

Will Ms Flint have the courage to make the move now at the point of maximum damage for Gordon Brown?

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