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Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Vince Cable - our not so secret weapon

Watching Newsnight yesterday where they interviewed a panel of voters in Watford about the MP's expenses scandal it was telling to me how the questions seemed to focus on Brown and Cameron. Clegg wasn't even mentioned but Brown and Cameron were both prompted for by the questioner.

In fact the only reference to the Lib Dems came as an aside from the questioner "What about the Lib Dems" and there seemed to be murmurs of approval but the audience really got animated when one of the mentioned Vince Cable. He was described as "always talking sense" and several people were quick to sing his praises. One person said he was exactly the sort of MP that they want to see and one voter who clearly had never supported the Lib Dems before said she was wavering because of Vince. It's so good to hear that he is appreciated beyond our own party like this!

It was also interesting to hear Harriet Harman afterwards try to claim that voters generally in Watford think Claire Ward (the local Labour MP) is a good MP. That's not what Sara Bedford (one of her constituents) thinks and a number of the comments on her blog post agree with her.

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