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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Is Damian McBride Back?

There are reports that Damian McBride is back working for Gordon Brown only a couple of months after he was forced to resign in disgrace following the Smeargate scandal.

I agree with Fausty that if this turns out to be true then it is completely unacceptable. This government has a long track record of reinstating people who have previously been forced to resign (in fact the second most powerful person in the government is one such person). This time it will not wash though. The only reason Brown was able to move on from that scandal is because McBride went (remember how he tried to several days to prevent this from happening?). If McBride is back working for the Labour Party in ANY capacity then as far as I am concerned they are condoning what he did and his general working practises which have been very well documented elsewhere.

The Labour Party should clear up the confusion here instead of obfuscation and unattributed briefings. Is he working for the party again? If so he should go right now. Unless they are happy for the whole Smeargate saga to be opened up again which will inevitably happen if he is back in the fold.

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Fausty said...

Spot on, Mark. McBride back on the payroll implies that Brown condones his smear tactics.

I expect they'll be put to use over the coming year if one or the other is not ousted.